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WebCT Migration Countdown

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Time is running out! You only have this long to get help moving your WebCT content to Canvas.

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Fall 2012 Canvas classes


We’ve been hearing from lots of faculty who are eager to be on Canvas this fall. We wish we could say yes to every request! Here’s some background to explain why we can’t…

  • Learning Management Systems are licensed depending on how many students the institution has. (Emerson College had 4243 in 2010-2011.)
  • Instructure recommends that for your first semester on Canvas, you have no more than 400 students using it at once: you want to be able to give everyone lots of support as you work out the kinks of a new system.
  • 400 < 4243! 400 students comes to about 10-20 classes.

How to pick the Canvas classes?

We looked at the enrollments of the classes taught by faculty who have volunteered to use Canvas in the fall:

649 students.

faculty volunteers had 649 students, canvas limit was 400

Clearly that wasn’t going to work.

Our Vice President of IT felt strongly that it didn’t make sense to teach WebCT to new faculty who would only use it for one semester. We looked at the enrollments of classes that are taught by new faculty:

910 students.

enrollment in new faculty classes was 910, canvas limit was 400


We surveyed all new faculty hired by July 18th to find out if a) they were going to use a learning management system, b) if they had experience with WebCT, Canvas, or another Learning Management System (LMS).

If they weren’t going to use a LMS, we crossed them off the list. If they had experience with WebCT, they went onto the WebCT list – at least that way they didn’t have to suffer through WebCT training. If they wanted to use a LMS and had no WebCT experience, they went on Canvas.

486 students!

survey respondents had 485 students, canvas limit was 400

Finally, a number we can work with!

We bought 200 additional Canvas seats for the fall, and went to work filling in the gaps. We made sure that we have at least one course from each department, and tried to make sure that large multiple-section classes had one section on Canvas for the fall.

In the final reckoning, there are only 5 current faculty on Canvas in the fall. Faculty members on our beloved LMS Advisory Team didn’t even make the cut!

Fall 2012:
27 classes,
599 students enrolled.