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Real-time writing tool enables more efficient peer collaboration

Writing for Marketing Communication professor Suzy Im had an idea. She wanted her students to analyze each other’s writing and provide suggestions for improvements. The writing would take place in the classroom and involve all students collaborating on press releases and editorials.

After considering several software options such as WriteWith, and Google Docs, Professor Im decided to try Etherpad because it allowed students to see the changes their peers were making concurrently. Designed for real-time collaborative writing, Etherpad was easy for the class to access and use. Within moments of sharing the link, the class began playing with Etherpad’s rich features and intuitive interface. After her first class with the tool, Im reported, “we had so much fun!”

screenshot of etherpad

Etherpad's colorful interface

*Note: Etherpad is now available at TitanPad.com