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WebCT Migration Countdown

[ujicountdown id="Time to get help" expire="2012/12/21 17:00" hide = "true"]

Time is running out! You only have this long to get help moving your WebCT content to Canvas.

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Canvas Hall Of Fame

Agatha Morrell Israela Adah Brill-Cass Nigel Gibson
Angela Hosek James Byrne Pablo Muchnik
Anne Zeiser James Lane Paul Hackett
Anthony Lowrie Jane Shattuc Paul Pereira
Betsy Micucci Janet Kolodzy Paul Turano
Brad Verter Joanne Lasker Rhiannon Luyster
Cascade Sorte Judith Hull Robert Dulgarian
Cathy Waters Kathleen Victory Hannisian Roy Kamada
Chester Lee Kevin Scott Bonham Sharmishtha Chowdhury
Claire Andrade Watkins Kimberly McLarin Shelley Lipschultz
Colleen Cunningham Leslie Cormier Shujen Wang
Dan Kempler Lisa Diercks Stanley Miller
David Emblidge Lu Ann Reeb Stephane Maison
De-nin Lee Magda Romanska Tanya Dubro
Doug Struck Marc Cantor Tim Riley
Eileen McBride Maria Koundora Tracy Mclaughlin Volpe
Elaine Geller Mark Prokosch Wendy Mnookin
Elizabeth Parfitt Mary Harkins Wyatt Oswald
Gail Burton Melinda Robins Michael Weiler
Gregory M. Freed Mirta Tocci Jamie Lichtenstein
Mary Harkins Dan Weaver Jonathan Follo
Thomas Vogel Jeff Myers Paul Caldera
Cindy Rodriguez Heather Erickson Jacquelin Romeo
Michelle Graham Christina Marin Amelia Kunhardt
Diane Pansen Wendy Walters Seounmi Youn


Sign Up for a Canvas Training

ITG has scheduled a series of workshops and drop-in sessions to help get faculty and staff up and running with Canvas. Each week we’ll offer at least one face-to-face training at various times and locations. Then, Fridays from 9am-5pm, we will run Canvas Open Labs, drop-in office hours where you can come and build your courses in Canvas with assistance from ITG staff. Canvas Open Labs will be held at ITG in Walker 403.

Our first training will be held this Wednesday, October 24th from 12:15pm-1:15pm in the ATL (Walker 418). You can register for this training at: http://bit.ly/Ug2NnB

To view our Canvas workshop schedule and register to attend, check out the Canvas section of this site: http://itg.emerson.edu/word/canvas/