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New Canvas Features – June 2014

Once again it’s time for some new feature highlights that have been added to Canvas. As usual, the complete set of changes can be found on Instructure’s website, and this feature release is found here.

Grading and Comments, Now Without SpeedGrader Required

One can now make comments and give grades directly from the Gradebook without having to enter the SpeedGrader tool. Here are some screenshots from Instructure showing this new functionality:

Screenshot of Gradebook

Screenshot of Grading Popup

Of course, you can always click on “More details in the SpeedGrader” if you’d like to annotate the submission or review the students’ work.

Total Student Activity At A Glance

Within the “People” section of your course, you’ll now be able to see the total amount of time a student, observer, or TA has spent viewing and interacting with the course.

Screenshot of Total Activity

Take That Mixed-Content!

Finally, a small but very welcome change to us administrators is the ability to have external websites open in a new window from a Module. Previously, websites would fail to load within Canvas if the site was an unsecured site. This lead to many news articles and organizational websites failing to load unless one “right-clicked” and forced them to open in a new window or tab. Now, when adding an external URL, you can force the behavior automatically!

New Window Option











As always, please don’t hesitate to contact ITG by emailing itg@emerson.edu or by calling 617-824-8090 if you have any further questions or requests.

Viewing Instructors’ Inline Comments in Canvas

Faculty are really excited about the ability to make inline comments on student papers in the Canvas Speed Grader. However, once the comments are made and the grade submitted, how does the student see those comments? It’s not very obvious on the student side so here are some quick and easy instructions.

  • Navigate to your Canvas course
  • Click on Grades and then on the graded assignment to see the Submission Details view (see below)
  • Click on the preview icon to the right of your submitted document:

  • You can click and drag on the lower right hand corner of the preview window (see below)
  • Or, you can download a file with the inline comments by clicking the download icon: