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#RIPWebCT -> #LongLiveCanvas!

Emerson has gone through 9 months of surveying, testing, reviewing and deliberating about our new Learning Management System, and we’re finally done!


The community’s choice was…



Based on three full days of drop-in user testing, Emerson students, faculty and staff ranked Canvas highest in all categories measured.

User testing ratings of the 4 systems on overall experience, look & feel, ease of use, discussion features, and assignment features. Canvas leads, Blackboard is second, Moodlerooms and Sakai are lowest.


When asked what system they would like to use, Emerson’s preference was clear.

User testing answers to "would you like to use this system?". Canvas is highest, then Blackboard, Sakai, and Moodlerooms.


Next, the LMS Advisory team combed over documentation from the vendors with an eye to assessing accessibility, technical specifications, student tools, faculty tools, library integration, mobile solutions, and support offered, so as to thoroughly evaluate each of the systems in these crucial categories.

Canvas emerged as the best choice in almost every category.

We will replace WebCT in two phases:


Phase 1Fall 2012 with a select few courses using Canvas. The majority of courses will still be on WebCT in the fall. (WebCT fall courses are now open to faculty, if you’d like to start building.)

Phase 2: Spring 2013, all courses will be available in Canvas. WebCT will no longer be the default.

The Instructional Technology Group will work with faculty in the months and weeks leading up to each phase, ensuring that faculty and their students have the necessary training and resources needed to effectively use the system.

For more information, see Replacing WebCT, our FAQs, or email


Survey Says!

ITG has compiled your responses to the LMS Faculty/Student survey from last fall. We’ll be sharing a more detailed report in the coming weeks.

For now, here are some of the highlights:

121 faculty and 566 students completed the survey.

83% of Faculty and 88% of Students reported using WebCT.

LMS Survey Fall 2011 – Faculty Responses:

Speech bubble graphic of LMS Survey Fall 2011 - Faculty's Response text.

Text Version of Faculty Responses

LMS Survey Fall 2011 – Student Responses

Speech bubble graphic of LMS Survey Fall 2011 - Student's Response text.Text Version of Student Responses

 And finally, here’s what you thought was most important in a new learning management system:

Fall 2011 Survey Results - Bar Graph of LMS Feature's Importance

What do you consider most important when using a Learning Management System like WebCT?

  • Interface and tools are intuitive and easy to use: 97% of faculty and 83% of students
  • Easy import and export of files to and from other platforms: 78% of faculty and 80% of students
  • Speed of logon and basic operations: 78% of faculty and 82% of students
  • Browser compatibility: 77% of faculty and 82% of students
  • Ability to track student progress: 39% of faculty and 54% of students
  • Integration with other web-based tools: 39% of faculty and 54% of students
  • Collaboration between other faculty/students: 22% of faculty and 44% of students

Overwhelmingly, faculty and students are on the same page when it comes to an LMS solution: intuitive and easy!