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New features in Emerson Google Apps: Google+ and Hangouts

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Google Apps at Emerson now has Google+, a social networking platform where you can connect with your peers in a virtual campus. Join communities to network with people who share your interests. Hangout via video calls to discuss a project. Keep the creativity going after class – on your time, from anywhere.

Interested in utilizing aspects of asynchronous classrooms? Google+ can help you start to explore the world of social learning. Communication Studies professor, Cathryn Edelstein, has created a Google+ community with the aim of connecting professors and students from around the world. Cross-Cultural Higher Education Collaboration is open to the public and steadily growing. During the Fall 2013 semester, Cathy’s students worked with peers in Romania and Fiji. They used Google+, to share links and engage in discussions on the community’s wall; and collaborated on documents using Google Drive.

Instructions on how to set up Google+

You may already have a Google+ account with your personal Gmail. If so, an Emerson Google+ account would be a separate, second account under your name. Emerson College is already a “Circle” on Google – so you will be able to connect to anyone with an Emerson account that has activated Google+.

Icons of various Google Plus features

Create a profile, form circles with classes, video chat, store photos in the Google Cloud – or collaborate on the go!

Integral to Google+ is Google Hangouts, a set of video conferencing and group chat tools. In a video call, you can hangout with up to ten users in a video call via any device with a webcam. In group chats, the current quota is one hundred users. Either way – converse to your heart’s content.

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You can set up the Google+ mobile app with your Emerson account information. Enter your first name_last and your password, and it will recognize it. Note – if you already have an account in the app, you are able to add a second one. Sleek and highly rated, the mobile app is good for on the go collaboration, and is available for Androids and iPhones.

If you have any questions about setting up Google+ or using Hangouts, please feel free to email ITG or call us at ext 8090!

Please note that Google+ and Hangouts are optional features of the Google Apps for Education at Emerson College. Users are NOT protected by the Google Educational Terms of Services that apply to Drive, Maps, Calendar, and Sites. For Google+ and Hangouts, Users will have to agree to accept Google’s Consumer Terms of Services and Privacy Policy, which means NO sensitive academic information should be shared, posted, or saved on Google+. Click here for more information or contact ITG with questions and concerns. 

Google @ Emerson Accounts and Gmail

With Canvas now fully implemented, you’ll find one more use for your Google Apps account… I should say your Emerson Google Apps account (, not your personal Gmail account.

We’ve been busy testing how the two play together when used at the same time, within the same browser, and we feel it can be a bit convoluted. To simplify your life a bit, we recommend either:

a) opening Canvas in a different browser than what you check your Gmail in, or

b) simply logging out of your personal Gmail account before you log into Canvas.

Both of these will save you a lot of frustration if you decide you want to use the collaboration tools available in Canvas. As always, feel free to call the HelpDesk at x8080 if you have any additional questions.

Want to Google Like a Librarian?

Eager to learn some advanced ways to harness Google’s search capabilities?

Join the Iwasaki Library and the Instructional Technology Group on Wednesday, February 29th and learn how to “Google Like a Librarian.” We will dive into some advanced search techniques, tips for site evaluation, and research tools such as Google Scholar and Google Books. Seats are limited, please email Christina Dent to reserve one. Details are as follows:

What: Google Like a Librarian Workshop
When: 02/29/2012, 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Where: Iwasaki Library Classroom (Walker Building)
Who: Emerson faculty, staff, and students

For more information, please contact Christina Dent.

Sponsored by Library with Instructional Technology Group.


Google Like a Librarian

“I’ve never used Google Scholar or Google Books, so I’m very excited to use them now that the workshop taught me about them. I’m also psyched to make my regular Google searches more efficient.”




“A good amount of time, and enough of a taste, leaving me wanting to know more, but not right then.”


faculty looking at computer screens

On October 20th, ITG and Iwasaki Library staff ran an interactive one hour workshop that dove into advanced search techniques, tips for site evaluation, and research tools such as Google Scholar and Google Books.

Due to demand, we will be offering this again!

Students: December 1st from 7-8:15 pm

Faculty and staff: February 29th, time TBA.