Cleaning Up WebCT’s File Manager


Chances are there are a lot more files in your WebCT course than you are aware of!

When you remove a link, or upload a new version of your syllabus, the original file still lives in the File Manager unless it is manually deleted.

Canvas is not a Content Management System (i.e. files), it is a Learning Management System (i.e. online course tools). Canvas does not like being forced to be a file repository and will fight you. (No bulk deletion of files. No, seriously. Help vote for better file management tools!)

If you choose to import your content from WebCT to Canvas, you will want to delete any documents that may have carried over from earlier courses.

To remove any files that you are not using from WebCT:

  • Go to the Build tab of your course
  • Under Designer Tools, click on File Manager; you will see a list of all of the files.
  • To delete files, click on the gray drop down menu to the left of the file and select “Delete.”
  • To delete multiple files at a time, check off the files to delete. Then, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Delete.”