Building Your Course in Canvas


In order to understand and take advantage of all the tools that Canvas has to offer, we encourage you to explore the Canvas Instructor Guide. You can also set up a consultation with ITG and/or take our Canvas online course.

To get started, you will want to upload files to your course from your computer or from WebCT. Log into with your Emerson username and password, and let’s go!

Adding Files


Adding files to Canvas is easy. You can upload files all at once to the Files area of your course and then link to those files as you build your course. Or, you can add files little by little as you go.

To upload files to your Files Folder, simply navigate to your course in Canvas, and follow the instructions at the following link:

To upload files as you go to a Discussion, Page, Assignment, or Announcement, look for the “Import Content” pod on the right hand-side of the page, and click Files > Upload a New File.

screenshot of Upload a New File linkYou’ll need to create a new item or edit an existing item for this pod to appear.

To upload files as you go to a Module, read the instructions here:

Adding Content from WebCT


If you have content in WebCT that you would like to bring over to Canvas, you will also want to clean up your WebCT files so that you’re not bring over unwanted content.

There are two ways to import WebCT content:

  1. You can download files from WebCT to your desktop; or
  2. import content directly from WebCT into Canvas.

Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages. To figure out which route to take, read Pros and Cons of the WebCT Migration Options.