Back up WebCT


Where do you keep all of your course related content? Regardless of what learning mangement system you’re using, it’s always good to keep a backup copy of your course files outside of the system. If you’re worried about WebCT going away, you can export all of your files as a .zip file to your computer:

  • Login into WebCT and select a course from the course list.
  • Select File Manager from the left-hand sidebar:
    Go to File Manager
  • You will see all of the files that you’ve uploaded to your course. You may need to scroll down and adjust your page options to view the files on one page:
    Changing page options in File Manager
  • Select the files you wish to export. You can select all or pick and choose individual files:
    Select files to zip

*Keep in mind that there may be more files than what is visible and available to your students. You may have removed links to some of these files, but unless you went into your File Manager to delete them, they are still there. So, feel free to be selective about what you back up. There may be more than what you need.


Note: Depending on your web browser settings, it’s possible for the ZIP file to automatically become a folder upon downloading. Simply backup the entire folder to Cabinet, and add all of the files in the folder to Canvas.