What should I use for streaming video, Panopto or Median?

We recommend that you start using Panopto. No time like the present!

If Median is going away, what’s going to happen to all my files in Median?

You will have to backup your files.

Can you help me?

Yes! If you would like to transfer your videos to Panopto, ITG is dedicating its Fridays to new Panopto users. We will also hold a week of Median backup parties in November. If Fridays or November don’t work, contact us at itg@emerson.edu or (617) 824-8090 to schedule a time.

 How much time do I have before Median is shut down?

Uploading to Median will be disabled after winter break but you’ll be able to view and download until the end of the Spring semester.

Why are we shutting Median down?

Median was built in 2008 because there were no products available that did exactly what Emerson needed. It no longer meets the growing demands of Emerson users, so we decided to invest in a more powerful tool.

What can Panopto do that Median couldn’t?

Plenty! Panopto can be used for screencasting, collecting analytics, making video quizzes and adding captions and transcripts to videos. It has a mobile app and is fully integrated with Canvas. What’s more, Panopto has a team of software designers and engineers constantly updating it (Median hasn’t been updated since 2014).

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