As you may know, Instructure updates and repairs Canvas every few weeks. Here are some highlights from last weekend’s update:

New Features

Toggle Subscriptions on Discussions Page

Users can subscribe to and unsubscribe from discussion threads directly on the Discussions index page by locating the discussion and clicking its discussion icon. When subscribing, the discussion icon will turn green when a user hovers over the icon and then stay green when subscribed. When unsubscribing, the discussion icon will turn red when a user hovers over the icon and then turn gray when unsubscribed.

screenshot showing the "unsubscribe from this topic" button

Fixed Bugs


  • Assignments accept spaces, caps, and periods in assignment submission file types.


  • Fixed an issue where if a topic requires an initial post, the subscription icon thinks the user hasn’t posted yet.
  • Users who are not members of a group discussion can no longer subscribe to that discussion.


  • Grades within the Gradebook default to two decimals.
  • If an instructor assigns a grade to a student’s assignment and then removes the grade, the Gradebook will now consider the student’s assignment as not graded.

Other Updates


  • When a user logs out of Canvas, all of the user’s sessions are invalidated to strengthen Canvas security.


  • Submissions and assignment group data are optimized to improve speeds in Gradebook 2.

If you’d like to see all the gory details, check out

August 3rd Updates to Canvas
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