Students cannot access a course in Canvas until it’s published. If your course is unpublished, you will see a bar across the screen with the text “THIS COURSE IS UNPUBLISHED. Only teachers can see this course until it is published.” Click on the word “published” [1] to open the Course Setup Checklist:

Only teachers can see this course until it is published

At the bottom of the screen, the Course Setup Checklist will appear with a “Publish Course” button. Click “Publish Course” [2]:

screenshot of publish course button

A message will appear at the top of your screen confirming the publishing of your course:

Course was successfully updated

Enrolled students can now view the course! They will be able to participate in your course 1 week before the semester starts until it ends. After that, your course will be in a read-only state for students.

How to publish your Canvas course
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