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Faculty have long been asking for help assessing the legality of using copyright materials in their classroom. This tool will help guide you through the things to consider while making your decision. After you are finished, you can print the results for your records.

Iwasaki Library Director Robert Fleming describes the situation:

Over the summer, the decision in the closely-watched copyright infringement lawsuit filed by publishers against George State University was handed down. In their complaint, the plaintiffs argued that the University had improperly posted copyrighted materials on a course management system without seeking permission from copyright holders. The decision, currently under appeal, found that almost all of the uses in question were within fair use. According to copyright expert Kenneth Crews, the decision underscores the importance of knowing how to conduct a fair use analysis. Crews also suggests that in today’s legal environment, we need to be prepared to account for our actions.

In response, staff members from IT, ITG and the Iwasaki Library have developed a new tool to assist faculty members in conducting a fair use analysis. It can be found at Originally envisioned as a tool to assist faculty members who wanted to post clips from films on Median, the language has been broadened so that it can be used by faculty who are considering the use of copyrighted materials from books and journals as well. Questions about the tool and how to use it should be emailed to

Chronicle coverage of the decision can be found here:

Fair use at Emerson
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